Benefits of Bathtub Reglazing: Why You Should Choose It Instead

If you have an old, cracked, or otherwise damaged bathtub, having it fixed or restored has advantages beyond just aesthetics. Here are some benefits to your health, finances, and efficiency from using our bathtub restoration method:

Replacement is Actually More Expensive

The purchase price alone does not represent the whole cost of a new tub. The cost of a plumber and the replacement of the surround, which is required and by far the most expensive aspect, must be taken into account in order to understand the complete cost of a brand-new bathtub. 

Even if your tub has been thoroughly cleaned, it may still look dirty or have substantial chips, cracks, or stains. For a repair estimate, get in touch with us! Both repairs and reglazing are much less expensive than replacement, and at Hockessin Tub Reglazing, we believe in helping you save both time and money. If we can avoid performing significant (and costly) reglazing work, we will.

Renews Your Bathroom Without Breaking the Bank

The aesthetic attractiveness of your bathroom doesn’t need to be ruined by drab, discolored, and ineffective fixtures. You may save a ton of money by having your existing sink, vanity, and even counters re-glazed with a brand-new finish rather than having them replaced. Without the high cost, you will achieve the same result as with new fittings! In less than a day, we can quickly fix stains, chips, and scratches on numerous components of your bathroom suite, ensuring your satisfaction with the end product.

Solves the Lead Issue in Your Old Tub

Numerous porcelain bathtubs made before 1984 may contain dangerous amounts of lead, according to studies. For your family’s health as well as your own, this is a critical problem. We provide a secure, efficient, and affordable alternative to a full replacement by encapsulating your bathtub to keep any lead from harming your family.

An Eco-Friendlier Solution

Reglazing your bathtub is a great method to lessen your carbon footprint in an age where everyone is trying to live more sustainably. That option reduces your environmental effect and saves you money because you made the conscious choice to forgo installing a new tub and throw away your old one. Win-win!

Increases the Lifespan of Your Bathtub

A refurbished bathroom fixture can last for years, possibly longer than you would anticipate for a broken or chipped fixture. The results of a normal refinish job by Hockessin Tub Reglazing can last 10 to 15 years, given good maintenance (we will provide you with plenty of advice!). Never use scrubbing pads, bathmats, or other abrasive cleaning products!

Give the professionals at Hockessin Tub Reglazing a call when you’re ready to update your bathroom and mend that problematic tub.



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