3 Tile Reglazing Facts You Should Know

Because ceramic tiles are water- and scratch-resistant, aesthetically pleasing, and suitable for conventional and contemporary bathrooms, they are often used as flooring in bathrooms, kitchens, and other interior spaces. However, as time passes, tiles lose their aesthetic appeal, and ultimately, you start to think of tiles as unattractive. Cheaper than Tile Replacement In most circumstances, […]

Bathroom Remodel or Tile Reglazing: Which is Cheaper?

Most people see a bathroom remodel as a protracted procedure requiring several tradespeople and, most likely, a sum of money. Even the most straightforward bathroom remodeling projects are costly, although not all are the same. There are several reasons for this, but they are not the subject of this essay. Instead, we’ll focus on a […]

Hire Professionals When You Need Your Tiles Reglazed

Numerous DIY projects may be completed in contemporary houses, but tile reglazing is not one of them. You may be able to install tiles on your own, but repairing tiles to restore their vibrancy is a task best left to specialists. Hockessin Tub Reglazing tile refinishing Don’t worry, since our trustworthy crew can do tile […]

How to Modernize an Old Bathroom with Refinished Tile

When you’re “blessed” with a 1950s-era bathroom with pastel-colored tiles (peach? teal? fading yellow? ), you have two choices. Accept it or remodel the area. However, a third option that can be almost as striking as a complete makeover but without the time and money is reglazing tile, tubs, and sinks.  Maybe you’ve heard of […]