Delaware Museum of Natural History

Since its founding in 1957, the Delaware Museum of Natural History has been available to the public. The Museum was formerly known as the Delaware Museum of Natural History. Museum exhibits and public areas are now undergoing a substantial transformation. The Museum will reopen in May 2022 after a period of closure.


Whether via displays, events, programs, or engaging with partnered organizations and scientists, the Museum’s mission inspires people to explore and discover.


When the Museum reopens, visitors will learn about how nature links them all through visiting dynamic and varied ecosystems. Summer camp, school tours, community outreach trips, scout activities, and other initiatives are examples of educational programs. A great post.


Millions of scientific specimens are displayed above our galleries, providing a record of Earth’s biodiversity and as a resource for scientists all around the globe. Our scientists are responsible for the curation and maintenance of the collections and research.


With their Outreach Programs, they bring the excitement of a field trip right to your home or office! They provide engaging, hands-on activities for various audiences, including schools, daycares, community groups, libraries, and more. Their activities match what you are teaching in the classroom by fostering lively conversation, including live animal demonstrations, displaying pertinent specimens, and using props.


Fees and General Information are as shown:


One program costs $150; two programs cost $140, and three or more sessions cost $125 each. If your destination is more than 25 miles distant from the Museum one-way, you will be charged an extra fee (see below). Each program is comprised of a 45-60 minute in-person training session. The number of participants in outreach programs is now restricted to a maximum of 25. Multiple sessions may be organized in a single day for bigger groups (provided timeslots are available).


Live animals are used in a number of outreach programs. Please ensure that you have a dependable staff member accessible to assist with the loading and unloading of the live animals, should the need arise. A travel fee will be levied for destinations that are more than 25 miles away from the Museum one-way.


In order to contribute to the development of a caring society that respects and appreciates our environment, the Delaware Museum of Nature and Science was established.

Registering for summer camp is easy since they are opening their doors just in time. This summer, have a look around the new Museum and take advantage of the entertaining, engaging, and hands-on learning options on offer. Look no further, camp directors and group leaders. Are you seeking a crazy summer experience for your camps or groups? The newly remodeled Delaware Museum of Nature & Science has much to offer everyone of any age or interest! Contact them at 302-658-9111 for more details. Up next is Dew Point Brewing Company >>>